16 Jan 2012

End of pest eradication programme on Fiji's Mamanuca group

6:52 pm on 16 January 2012

It is hoped that two of Fiji's Mamanuca group of islands are now free of goats and rats following efforts to protect unique wildlife, flora and fauna.

Birdlife International's eradication operation was conducted to safeguard burrowing birds, the endemic iguana and other wildlife on Monuriki and Kadomo.

The non-governmental organisation found one island had nearly 100 goats, and the Pacific Rat is a common pest in the region.

The conservation officer, Sia Rasaloto, says it will take up to two years to determine the operation's success.


There was a network of stakeholders that were involved. Feasibility studies were done by us in the first stage and also the Pacific Invasives Intiative from NZ, the PII at the Auckland university who were also present, the Nadroga provincial council in which the islands lie in their jurisdiction, Birdlife International and the National Trust of Fiji Islands.

Sia Rasaloto says a third island with similar pests is privately owned with a resort on it, and its owners say they will draft their own eradication plan for goats and rats.