16 Jan 2012

'Rogue' Cooks garages likely to be eliminated: Commissioner

12:08 pm on 16 January 2012

The Cook Islands Police Commissioner says he hopes to have standardised vehicle testing in place by mid-year.

Maara Tetava says the current system of issuing warrants of fitness allows garages to work to their own standard and a vehicle refused a warrant by one might be passed by another that's more relaxed.

He says once the law has been amended, existing permits to issue warrants will be cancelled and garages required to reapply.

"I think some of the rogue ones that are operating at the moment will be eliminated and we may be left with only a few who can meet the national standard that we are proposing."

Maara Tetava says after standard testing comes into force there will be a grace period for vehicles warranted under the old system.

He says it will cost slightly more to get a warrant of fitness under the new system.