13 Jan 2012

Dengue fever declines in Majuro but on increase on Ebeye

2:47 pm on 13 January 2012

The Marshall Islands dengue fever outbreak appears to be on the decline in Majuro, but the number of cases reported on Ebeye Island since Christmas has slowly but steadily increased.

Ebeye health officials report 101 suspected cases, with 46 of those confirmed as dengue.

The majority of the Ebeye cases have occurred over the past two weeks.

Government spray teams have been busy trying to eradicate mosquitos on both islands and covering water catchment tanks with screening.

The authorities say about 1,500 homes, businesses and government buildings have been sprayed over the past six weeks.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed 714 cases nationwide but no deaths from the disease since the dengue fever outbreak began in Majuro in early October.