13 Jan 2012

Cook Islands police confirm amount stolen in Aitutaki bank robbery

2:22 pm on 13 January 2012

Police in the Cook Islands have confirmed more than 17,000 US dollars was stolen in the first bank robbery on Aitutaki in August.

The Police are continuing to investigate the theft at the Bank of the Cook Islands and have made no arrests.

Detective Police Inspector Areumu Ingaua says the amount of 17,346 US dollars was taken in cash.

"Based on our examination of the scene, we still believe that the person responsible is a person who knows the layout of the interior of the BCI building and we are still appealing to the wider community out there for information in regards to this matter that will help police in solving this case."

Areumu Ingaua says police have been checking up on large, suspicious amounts of spending but have not recovered any money.