12 Jan 2012

Tonga police investigate armed holdup of petrol station

12:52 pm on 12 January 2012

The police in Tonga are continuing to investigate an armed holdup of a service station in Nuku'alofa in which a worker was shot.

The 53 year-old supervisor was shot in the leg while he and three male employees were closing up after 11pm on Saturday.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Taniela Faletau says no money was stolen but police have recovered a car belonging to the petrol company, Asco Motors, which was taken by the three male offenders.

"It was abandoned in a location near Hofoa Village. Our forensic unit is working on that aspect and together with other leads and other lines of inquiries that we are pursuing now, we haven't made any arrests yet. We're hoping to do that very shortly."

Taniela Faletau says the injured employee is recovering in hospital.