10 Jan 2012

Hospital woes top American Samoa legislature agenda

4:23 pm on 10 January 2012

The financial woes and possible job cuts at American Samoa's LBJ Hospital are on the agenda of the Fono, which reopened today.

The hospital wants the Fono to consider approving a supplementary budget appropriation to pay creditors.

The LBJ Hospital is also awaiting the remaining subsidy promised by the government for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says overcoming the hospital's lack of funds to pay for things, like operations and medications, needs to be a priority.

"The leaders have said that the funding for the hospital will be the first issue on the agenda, and I would expect that this is going to be the main discussion, first of all, how they are going to sustain the LBJ operations."

Monica Miller says the hospital urgently needs $1.9 million by or before January 20th and $1.3 million by February 5th, to pay overdue vendors bills.