10 Jan 2012

Fisheries officials and Solomons police investigate illegal sea cucumber trade

2:11 pm on 10 January 2012

The Ministry of Fisheries and police in Solomon Islands are continuing to investigate the illegal trade of beche de mer, following the confiscation of 57 bags of the sea cucumber.

A tip-off led the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and police to discover 260-thousand US dollars worth of beche de mer from a local businessman last week.

Our correspondent in Solomon Islands, Dorothy Wickham says officials believe there are more people involved in the trade.

"It's something that the government will have to keep on keeping tabs on. And I think that because of the fact that they're still buying it and they're willing to spend money to buy that, that kind of amount of beche de mer means that there are still some people actually successful in getting it out illegally."

Dorothy Wickham says Fisheries officials and police are yet to decide what to do with the confiscated goods.