9 Jan 2012

Court to rule again this week over PNG government

6:05 pm on 9 January 2012

The Papua New Guinea MP for Madang says he hopes the court will rule this week to affirm the legitimacy of Sir Michael Somare's government.

Sir Arnold Amet, the attorney general and part of the cabinet claiming legitimacy following last year's supreme court ruling, says Peter O'Neill's administration continues to violate the rule of law.

He says the appointment this Wednesday of an acting police commissioner along with the return appointment of the secretary of finance raise the issue of which is the legitimate government.

"So the court is imminently to rule this week I hope that will affirm that Sir Michael is the Prime Minister, his executive appointees are the legitimate incumbents of those two important positions and that should again affirm and refute Peter O'Neill's continued contention that he's the Prime Minster and he's got government."

Sir Arnold Amet says if the rule of law continues to be violated, PNG will be looking down the path of abrogating the constitution by the barrel of a gun or by numerical strength.