6 Jan 2012

Guam collison rate twice US average

1:59 pm on 6 January 2012

Latest statistics show the chance of having a car crash on Guam is double that in the United States.

Guam's Pacific Daily News reports that the number of collisions per thousand motorists on Guam is 40, compared with 19 per thousand American drivers.

However, reports from the Department of Public Works and the Federal Highway Safety Administration place the island below average in fatal collisions, with 17 traffic-related deaths per year compared with more than 19 for an average American town of the same size.

A local defensive driving teacher is calling on senators to strengthen a proposed ban on using cellphones while driving.

Robert Michael cites the absence of a demerit points system along with the rate at which fines are set as contributing to the collision rate.

Mr Michael says because Guam is small, there are a limited number of routes to take so collisions have a bigger impact on the flow of traffic.