29 Dec 2011

Ulu of Tokelau confident that dateline switch will pose no problems

2:54 pm on 29 December 2011

The Ulu of Tokelau says switching to the west of the International Dateline will make it much easier for the atolls to do business with the wider world.

Tokelau joins Samoa in the move, which involves the countries skipping from Thursday to Saturday this week, with Friday the 30th of December removed from the calendar.

The Ulu, Foua Toloa, says with most of the atoll's government's administration based in Apia it means they will still be able to operate for a full five day week.

And he says it'll be a big help for the people in the atolls, allowing them to communicate with New Zealand on the same day.

"People have been asking about New Zealand's reaction. You know the New Zealand government has given its blessing for Tokelau to make that change. The General Fono decision has been endorsed and we hope that the people will go to sleep on Thursday night and wake up the next day, Saturday the 31st of December, without any huge changes."