23 Dec 2011

Fiji government allows squatters to lease state land

6:08 pm on 23 December 2011

The Fiji interim government has given plots of land to 64 squatter families.

The minister of Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment, Colonel Samuela Saumatua, called on the families to help improve their situations.

He says they should try and save money, avoid alcohol and focus on the welfare of their families.

The families have been given land in Badrau settlement in Ba in the Western Division.

Col Saumatua has challenged the families, who'd previously been squatting on state land, but will now be able to lease plots at subsidised rates, to concentrate on improving their homes or using the land as collateral for loans.

This is the fifth time in recent months the interim government has allowed squatters to acquire leases for state owned land.