22 Dec 2011

First casino in Fiji to help provide higher education

1:56 pm on 22 December 2011

The company establishing Fiji's first casino is hoping proceeds will provide higher education for young people.

The interim government has granted the country's first casino license to the American company One Hundred Sands Limited.

The 153 million US dollar project will be built on Denarau and includes a five-star hotel, restaurant and a 1,500 seat convention centre.

The owner of the company, Larry Claunch, says the project will lead to better village infrastructure and education.

"I think the main thrust will be through the education, putting money into the education system. They have an absolutely wonderful education system here to around sixth grade. And then the ones who excel need the opportunity for higher education. So that definitely is one personal impact that we're going to have."

Larry Claunch says the casino will employ 650 locals when it opens in 2013.