19 Dec 2011

New Caledonia expects travel boom for holiday season

4:07 pm on 19 December 2011

New Caledonia's international airline is to add 16,000 seats to its network over the holiday season to cope with demand for travel to mainly France and Australasia.

According to Noumea's daily paper, there is no let-up in the holiday plans of New Caledonian residents since last year, with an estimated 45,000 expected to leave for up to a month.

Travel agents say France remains the top destination, and they say New Zealand is expected to experience increases while bookings for Australia have suffered because of the high dollar.

The report suggest more will travel to Asia, in particular Bali.

It also says while Vanuatu continues to be a popular destination, a growing number of travellers will be opting for Fiji with its new hotels.