19 Dec 2011

Solomon Islands government says broad support for cost-cutting

12:56 pm on 19 December 2011

The Solomon Islands government says the Governor General understands the need to disconnect his mobile phone as part of new cost-cutting measures.

The new Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo ordered the suspension of all government post paid mobile phones on Friday including his own phone and those of government ministers and the Governor General.

Mr Lilo's spokesman David Tuhanuku says the phones will be reconnected once the Prime Minister is satisfied there are arrangements in place to stop the overspending.

He says there's been a government budget blow-out this year of nearly two million US dollars for phone and fax expenses alone.

"These are initiatives that should be welcomed by the people because it is about restoring order to government systems and government finances and also to save critical dollars to be used somewhere (they are) critically needed."

David Tuhanuku says the Prime Minister is also taking steps to control vehicle hire expenses and he is likely to bring in further measures to cut costs.