16 Dec 2011

Public pressure grows to end PNG stand-off

5:28 pm on 16 December 2011

Public pressure is growing in Papua New Guinea for an end to the political standoff.

Dr Ray Anere of the National Research Institute welcomed signs from the men claiming to be Attorney Generals in the respective groups that they could come together and discuss a way forward.

He says that as well as strong calls by PNG's Trade Union Congress as well as Church leaders for the politicians to find a solution to the impasse, civil society has issued an ultimatum.

"The civil society groups here in Port Moresby have put forward in a petition that was presented to Peter O'Neill yesterday that if the two groups don't arrive at a mutually acceptable solution by Tuesday close of government business, which is Tuesday 4:06 PM PNG Time, then there will be civil unrest. Something along those lines."

Dr Ray Anere