15 Dec 2011

Hopes new standards will mean quality education for all in Vanuatu

7:20 pm on 15 December 2011

The United Nations Children's Fund says it is hoping new national standards for primary schools in Vanuatu will ensure all children receive quality education.

The Vanuatu Minimum Quality Standards have been launched by the government with development partners, UNICEF, Australia and New Zealand.

The UNICEF Pacific representative, Dr Isiye Ndombi, says last year the government abolished school fees, allowing 7000 more children to enrol in primary schools.

He says the 15 new standards are designed to enhance the quality of learning.

"The standards involve some indication of at what age children should be enrolled, how teachers will be equipped to ensure that the children are learning properly, the kind of materials they should have, the kind of environment schools should have, the issues of discrimination. It removes the issues of discrimination within schools."

Dr Isiye Ndombi says the quality standards are also expected to strengthen the management of schools.