15 Dec 2011

Vanuatu to get new teacher standards

4:05 pm on 15 December 2011

Primary school teachers in Vanuatu are expected to continue their study under new national education standards.

The Vanuatu Minimum Quality Standards for Primary Schools have been launched by the government through a development partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund and Australia and New Zealand.

The UNICEF Pacific representative Dr Isiye Ndombi says the standards mean teachers are now expected to maintain a certain level of teaching proficiency to remain in their positions.

"The standards indicate that the teachers should have a certain level of training. And if that's not enough, they will also have to leave to maintain those standards. So every teacher will have to continue learning as they teach. They will be re-certified on a regular basis."

Dr Isiye Ndombi says the government of Vanuatu and its development partners are also working on how to reward teachers for their work and how to ensure good work morale.