15 Dec 2011

Vanuatu women told to work with men to get elected to parliament

3:34 pm on 15 December 2011

Vanuatu women wanting to run in next year's elections have been told they need to work more closely with men to try and ensure election.

The organisation United Nations Women is this week running workshops, in collaboration with the Vanuatu National Council of Women, to prepare women to stand in the poll.

Vanuatu's Director General of Justice Mark Bebe has told those attending that women have to partner with men if they want to get elected to parliament.

He says women must start showing their commitment now by taking their husbands with them to their meetings, workshops and campaigns.

Mary Lini, the widow of the Vanuatu's first prime minister, Father Walter Lini, says women must work with their men if they want to become MPs.

She says the only way for women to win is for them to change their attitude of working against men but working with men.

The Vanuatu parliament has only one woman MP among its 52 members.