15 Dec 2011

O'Neill group in PNG impasse to appeal Supreme Court ruling

2:43 pm on 15 December 2011

The O'Neill grouping in Papua New Guinea's political impasse says it will today file an appeal against Monday's Supreme Court ruling that Peter O'Neill's election as Prime Minister in August was illegal.

Sir Michael Somare's cabinet was sworn in by Governor-General, Sir Michael Ogio, yesterday while Peter O'Neill used his majority parliamentary support to suspend the Queen's representative and then had his cabinet sworn-in by his own acting Governor-General, the Speaker Jeffrey Nape.

A member of the O'Neill group, Sir Puka Temu, says Monday's Court ruling has been rendered invalid by new laws made by parliament about the provisions for declaring the Prime Minister's seat vacant.

"The parliament has moved ahead of those circumstances under which the Supreme Court made the ruling. And so everybody in the legal fraternity agrees that the ruling, under those previous circumstances, now cannot be legally enforced."

Sir Puka Temu