12 Dec 2011

Some expats taking advantage of Vanuatu women

11:53 am on 12 December 2011

A women's group in Vanuatu says it is seeing a growing number of women who are experiencing problems as a result of relationships with expatriate men.

The head of the Vanuatu National Council of Women, Jenny Ligo says it is quite common for foreign men who are working in the country, to either marry or live in a de facto relationship with a local woman or teenager.

She says typically the men are only in Vanuatu for the short-term and suddenly they will return to their native country, leaving the local woman alone and to take care of any children resulting from the relationship.

Ms Ligo says some of the men take advantage of local women.

"They are more educated, they know more, and when they get married to an ordinary girl so they just treat her like a partner, and somebody to cook, to use her, but not really treat her like a real wife."

Jenny Ligo says the National Council of Women will be organising a forum later this month to address the issue.