12 Dec 2011

Tokelau gets first eye care technicians

9:08 am on 12 December 2011

The first two eye care technicians from Tokelau have graduated and started working in the field to diagnose and treat eye conditions.

Both studied in Fiji at the Fred Hollows Foundation and are now screening their respective populations in Fakaofo and Nukunonu before they head to Atafu to begin screening there.

The director of Health for Tokelau, Lee Pearce, says it was an opportunity to develop a health work force in Tokelau focusing on eye care especially given the rate of diabetes in the territory.

She says having eye care technicians will help prevent more serious health problems.

"They will work to maintain good eye care especially with those people who have diabetes and also other related conditions which can lead to other serious issues like blindness if it's not addressed."

Lee Pearce says they aim to train one more eye technician so each atoll is served.