12 Dec 2011

PNG plans for public smoking ban

7:40 am on 12 December 2011

Papua New Guinea is preparing to ban smoking in public in an effort to stop early deaths from lifestyle diseases.

The Acting Health Secretary, Dr Piason Dakulala, says the Ministry became more clear about setting goals to reduce smoking after the recent global summit on non communicable diseases at the United Nations.

Dr Kadulala says the preparatory documents for the tobacco ban have just been gazetted.

He says all sectors need to work together - for example with bans that will apply on public transport.

He says its important people have good information as they tackle their addictions to tobacco.

"Our Minister says educate not medicate. And so bascially the awareness and the education message in all settings including the education system, and awarenesss throughout the country, that is really where it is. And a lot of it has to come down to models, in other words those who practise what they speak."