8 Dec 2011

Concerns about climate change in Pacific region raised in scientific journal

12:03 pm on 8 December 2011

Scientists and conservationists from around the Pacific have set out their concerns about climate change and its effect on biodiversity in a special edition of a scientific journal.

They say habitats and species are at risk as temperatures rise and weather patterns change.

"Professor Richard Kingsford edited the special issue of Pacific Conservation Biology, which is released today."

He says governments and conservation groups need to start making practical decisions to ensure the survival of species.

We can think about how our seabirds are going to cope with increasing sea level, what are we going to do about the nurseries and the fisheries that are going to be affected. How are we going to deal with the drying up of wetlands and connecting our national parks, what should they look like so animals can move between them and adapt in the changes to temperature.

Richard Kingsford, the editor of the journal's special edition.