8 Dec 2011

Hawaii is closer to having a second saint

10:49 am on 8 December 2011

Hawaii is closer to having a second saint.

The Vatican has cleared the way for the canonization of Mother Marianne Cope.

A group of cardinals and bishops confirmed a Vatican finding that there is no medical explanation for a second miracle attributed to Cope.

A final approval now goes to Pope Benedict who will make an announcement of the date for the canonization.

The 'second miracle' involves the healing of a woman who the church says had a fatal health condition.

On December 20, 2004 Pope John Paul II declared at a special session held at the Vatican that there had been a miracle due to the intercession of Venerable Marianne Cope.

The first miracle involved a 14-year-old Syracuse girl who was dying of multiple organ failure.

Blessed Marianne is, after Saint Damien, Hawaii's second candidate for sainthood.