5 Dec 2011

OXFAM has mixed report card for aid deal

3:02 pm on 5 December 2011

The Executive Director of Oxfam New Zealand Barry Coates says it's disappointing last week's international aid forum in South Korea did not come up with a stronger commitment to honour past promises.

Donors from 160 countries met in Busan last week and have agreed to form a worldwide partnership on aid delivery, to be worked out in six months.

Mr Coates says a timetable to end the practice of tying aid is a significant step but there's still much work that needs to be done to effectively deliver the 130 billion US dollars available in aid money worldwide.

He says there could have been stronger provisions around country ownership of aid.

"So really encouraging democratic buy-in by the countries who are receiving the aid to say the best way to make aid effective is to ensure that there is full democratic ownership of the programme that is being funded."

Executive Director of Oxfam New Zealand Barry Coates