1 Dec 2011

Alarm over plan to dump turkey tails on Samoa

4:56 pm on 1 December 2011

A commitment to the World Trade Organisation by the Samoa government to lift the ban on importing high fat turkey tails has alarmed an advocacy group.

Oxfam New Zealand's John Stansfield says the move calls into question whether free trade is good for health.

He says he hopes the Samoa government takes a proactive approach, placing a huge duty on turkey tails, so they don't become a cheap food substitute.

Mr Stansfield says freedom of choice is a smokescreen piece of sloganeering used by the food industry to avoid any regulation that it should provide safe foods.

"The Pacific faces a chronic non communicable disease problems, an epidemic of those in fact. And they are caused by very poor nutrition and the dumping by Western nations of high fat, low protein foods in the Pacific."

John Stansfield says there is little appetite in the developed nations for products such as turkey tails.