30 Nov 2011

Human Rights NGO tracks security forces buildup ahead of Papuan anniversary

8:56 pm on 30 November 2011

Papua's Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy, Elsham, says at least 51 people were tortured by military and police during and after the Third Papuan People's Congress.

The major gathering of Papuans to discuss self-determination ended in chaos on October 19 when police and military officers opened fire on delegates and allegedly assaulted dozens.

At least three deaths were reported.

Police say they've handed out punishments to 17 officers for the crackdown.

Elsham's Ferry Marisan says that since the Congress, many more military and police units have been deployed to Papua region.

"One month from October until now, the government of Indonesia sent many troops and also police to clear out the situation in West Papua right now because tomorrow (1st December) thousands of West Papuans will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of West Papua."

Ferry Marisan