28 Nov 2011

Bougainville truce comes after fearful time for local women

8:12 pm on 28 November 2011

A male advocate for the Leitana Nehan Women's Development Agency in Bougainville says women in the area where a truce is to be signed have spent months living in fear.

The Konnou Agreement, to be signed tomorrow in the village of Mogoroi, marks the first truce between warring factions in the Konnou constituency of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province.

The signing will include Mogoroi based militant leader, Damian Koike, who has led a faction that's been accused of rampant criminality in the district.

Leitana Nehan's Francis Semoso says the violence has resulted in many women in the area fleeing their villages.

"When people were fighting, the factions, the soldiers actually went into other villages, in broad daylight they were actually shooting, sometimes they would lkill people while people were watching. That was two or three months ago, four months ago."

Francis Semoso says he's heard that over the past few months the fighting also closed down some schools.