25 Nov 2011

Papuan activist dismissive of Indonesia sanctioning of police

4:09 pm on 25 November 2011

A Papuan activist says police officers only being given warnings for their parts in violent beatings at a peaceful gathering that left three dead is business as usual.

An Indonesian National Human Rights Commission investigation says on the final day of the Third Papua People's Congress in Abepura police fired shots into the air.

As people fled, police allegedly beat them with pistols and batons

After an internal disciplinary hearing, the eight Indonesian officers involved were given a written warning.

The head of the Free West Papua Movement, Benny Wenda, says last year, military officers were given light sentences for beating an elder in his village.

"That's not going to change. They want to show the world, look, we are doing what you require. We don't really trust Indonesian law, they just tell in the media, so the world notices that we are doing that. But then, I think that's why we in West Papua never trust from the beginning."

The head of the Free West Papua Movement, Benny Wenda