25 Nov 2011

Security concerns in Solomon Islands prompt withdrawal of no confidence motion

2:17 pm on 25 November 2011

A planned motion of no confidence in the Solomon Islands government has been abandoned, with the opposition admitting it didn't have the numbers.

The opposition lodged the motion soon after the election of Gordon Darcy Lilo as prime minister last week.

That election sparked rioting in Honiara and fears of a repeat today led to heightened security with increased police numbers and some businesses not operating.

But as our correspondent, Dorothy Wickham, reports, the Speaker, Sir Allan Kemakeza, told Parliament this morning that the opposition agreed yesterday to withdraw the motion.

"The Speaker of Parliament, when he spoke in Parliament today, highlighted the fact that the numbers were obvious - that they [the opposition] wouldn't be able to get the numbers - and because of the current situation that we have with the law and order issues that have been taking place after the election of the Prime Minister last week, that it would be unwise to go ahead with something that had no sure ground."