25 Nov 2011

One year on, Tongan MP wants more accountable parliament

7:23 am on 25 November 2011

One of the new MPs elected when Tonga embraced greater democracy a year ago today, says further reforms are needed to ensure a government fully committed to the people.

Lord Tu'ivakano's government has faced criticism that it's done little and life for most in Tonga has got worst.

It dismisses this saying it's growing the economy, improving the infrastructure and the people are happy.

But new MP, Aisake Eke, says a key brake on change has been that a popularly elected MP didn't become prime minister as expected.

Mr Eke says that will need to change.

"So that we have a parliament that is fully accountable for the people. To take on the aspirations of the people and carry what is best for the nation. And I think that they are one of the things that we continue to work on, to bring about a full democracy, democratic system."

Aisake Eke.