24 Nov 2011

Kidu hails PNG women's representation bill as a success

4:07 pm on 24 November 2011

The sponsor of a bill guaranteeing reserved seats for women in Papua New Guinea says the bill's passage through parliament is a victory, even if it isn't completed by the next election.

Parliament has this week agreed to create two new provinces, Jiwaka and Hela, and passed the Equality and Participation Bill which sets up 22 reserved seats for women.

But Dame Carol Kidu says no one is sure if the enabling legislation, which makes the change to the constitution law, requires three readings in the house.

She says if it does, there's no way that will happen before parliament rises before next year's election.

"Unless as a result of the court case, in December...there's a court case pending, as to the legitimacy of the current government, and the court decision will be given on the 9th of December, and depending what happens with that, we may have to be recalled in December. I mean, even with what what has happened, it is a big step in PNG."

Papua New Guinea's only woman MP, Dame Carol Kidu.