24 Nov 2011

American Samoa power company says increases are needed to cover costs

11:37 am on 24 November 2011

The American Samoa Power Authority has released October's utility bills this week which reflect higher rates for water, solid wastes and ground water protection charges.

The Authority has continually stated the increases are necessary to cover operational costs and match FEMA funding for building a new power plant.

The ASG fourth quarter performance report for Fiscal Year 2011, which was distributed to the Fono last week, shows that ASPA finished the year with an 8-point-8 million US dollar surplus.

And that figure is based on a 120 million dollars budget that the ASPA board approved, rather than the 90 million dollars budget that the Fono passed .

ASPA had revenues for the year of 131-point-8 million dollars with expenses at just over 123 million dollars.

The only division where ASPA spent more on expenses was the Water Division.