23 Nov 2011

US investor calls Fiji regime response to extortion claims a cruel joke

2:03 pm on 23 November 2011

An American businessman and Fiji property owner Ken Honig says he doubts whether any extortion complaint of his would be investigated by Fiji authorities.

Mr Honig says he was forced to pay 22,000 US dollars to officials at Fiji's Biosecurity Authority in order to leave the country after accusations he had imported a species of iguana.

Fiji's Attorney General says Mr Honig should submit an official complaint and there will be a thorough investigation.

Mr Honig says he has an outstanding legal bill of 26,000 dollars dealing with Fiji authorities and being asked to file another complaint seems like a cruel joke.

"I filed two complaints in Fiji with the PM's office, I filed two complaints with immigration, I filed three complaints with CID, Criminal Investigation Division. I attempted to file complaints with Biosecurity but they wouldn't talk to me. I attempted to file complaints with the Department of Public Prosecutions but they would not meet with me."

Mr Honig says he was cleared by Fiji police twice after they investigated his property for iguana and he complained about being detained illegally in Fiji.