23 Nov 2011

Solomons police numbers on Honiara streets increased eight-fold

4:19 pm on 23 November 2011

The Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner says the police presence on the streets of the capital will increase from 45 to 400 as Parliament reconvenes today.

Last Wednesday's election of Gordon Darcy Lilo as Prime Minister triggered rioting in central Honiara, which resulted in 22 arrests.

Walter Kola says six police officers were injured when youths threw rocks at them - hospitalising one officer, who was discharged the same day.

"There will be increases in terms of police patrol around the streets of Honiara, and traffic will be diverted. There will be more visibility of police presence. It will be around 400 RSIPF police officers. In a normal police shift/duties we will always have about 45 to 50."

Mr Kola says of the 22 youths arrested for disorderly issues last week, nine juveniles have been released.