23 Nov 2011

Sport: PNG Highlands rugby league clubs dispute validity of AGM

11:48 am on 23 November 2011

A group of Highlands rugby league clubs in Papua New Guinea have filed court proceedings disputing the validity of this Saturday's Annual General Meeting in Lae.

The AGM is scheduled to elect a new board and chairman, following a court ruling earlier this year which put John Numapo in charge of a temporary administration.

The court ruling ended almost two years of legal battles, after separate groups had both argued they were in charge of the PNGRFL.

The Highlands faction allege that the interim committee did not follow the PNGRFL constitution and court orders from early this year, and want the court to nullify the requirements and notice for an AGM.

But the Rugby League International Federation's Development Manager, Tas Baitieri, says the Interim Committee has done everything by the book.

"The Highlands league has taken out an injunction on the date of the AGM, indicating that it should have been held earlier, but the current administration have abided by what was handed down by the courts and they are following that by the letter and the AGM is set down for Saturday, which is before the deadline imposed by the courts."