22 Nov 2011

Solomon Islands hopes rebranding will help it hit 50k target

6:32 am on 22 November 2011

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau is hoping a rebranding will help it hit its annual target of 50-thousand visitors by 2015.

The bureau's marketing manager says the old brand, Discover somewhere different, didn't create a distinctive or coherent enough image of Solomon Islands.

Freda Unusi says the new slogan, So Solomons, So Different, is the product of a series of nationwide industry workshops and a New Zealand firm, the Reserve Group.

"Australia and New Zealand are our main markets, that's where most of the visitors coming to the Solomon Islands [are from], so we want to concentrate on that, give them the image that would say that this is a different destination - apart from our other Melanesian countries."

Freda Unusi says Solomon Islands offers tourists who want to rough it a bit adventure, culture and history.

She says there were 22-thousand visitors last year.