16 Nov 2011

Nauru government dumped in no confidence vote

10:47 am on 16 November 2011

Nauru has had a change of government after the opposition brought a successful vote of no confidence in the administration of new President Freddie Pitcher.

Mr Pitcher came to power last Thursday after the sudden resignation of Marcus Stephen, who'd headed the country for four years.

That resignation denied the opposition a vote last week but it went ahead on Tuesday and succeeded after government member, Sprent Dabwido, crossed the floor and became the new president.

Mr Dabwido was telecommunications minister in the previous government.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Mr Pitcher was taken by surprise by the vote to oust him.

He says the motion was passed without any debate or explanation.

MP David Adeang, who brought the motion, says Mr Pitcher's personal agenda did not sit well with most of Nauru's lawmakers.