15 Nov 2011

Buying land last resort to halt deforestation in Samoa

4:10 pm on 15 November 2011

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Samoa may consider purchasing critical parcels of land to help minimise deforestation.

The Ministry's CEO, Suluimalo Amataga Penaia, says land clearing has contributed to poor water quality and quantity in rivers and catchment areas.

He says the dumping of rubbish in streams is also adding to what has become a critical problem.

He says the Ministry and Government are trying to curb deforestation but says urban developments are encroaching on critical catchment areas.

"The last resort that the Ministry is heading towards is actually taking the land you know we compensate the landowners and take the land and reserve it for water conservation purposes."

Suluimalo says people also have to stop using streams as dumping grounds and use collection services.