15 Nov 2011

Sport: Cook Islands triathlete lays complaint against All Blacks' Guildford

12:04 pm on 15 November 2011

A Cook Islands sportswoman says she has laid a complaint with the police after the All Black Zac Guildford allegedly harassed her.

Guildford has issued a public apology for some of his behaviour, after claims he punched patrons at a bar in Rarotonga, while he was intoxicated, bleeding and naked.

Now Cook Islands triathlete Kelly Pick says she was on a run earlier on the same day, when two men on scooters rode past her - and she immediately recognised Guildford.

She says he started yelling derogatory and sexually inappropriate comments toward her, leaving her feeling harassed and unsafe.

Meanwhile the Cook Islands News' managing editor, John Woods, says he is to meet All Blacks management on Monday local time, who want him to facilitate one-on-one meetings between Guilford and the patrons he disrespected.