15 Nov 2011

Power rationing continues on Palau

8:17 am on 15 November 2011

Plans are underway to send generators from Guam as efforts continue to help Palau recover from a fire at a key power plant.

The Government declared a state of emergency a week ago following the blaze at the Aimeliik Power Plant which has cut the country's electricity supply by half.

The President's Press Secretary Firman Meriant says the country is still subjected to power rationing and its focus is on restoring full supply for its water and sewer pumps.

"So the plan right now, there are negotiations with Guam and I think we're going to send people to get portable generators. They'll be strictly used to run the water and sewer pumps."

Firman Meriant says despite some local media reports, no raw sewage is spilling into surrounding waters as a result of the power rationing.