14 Nov 2011

Fiji missionary draws hundreds in violence-torn Lae

4:17 pm on 14 November 2011

A Fiji missionary says crowds of up to six-hundred people gathered to hear him preach in the Papua New Guinea city of Lae.

Earlier this month rioting in Lae claimed at least nine people died and hundreds of homes were destroyed during two days of vicious fighting between local youths and squatters from the Highlands.

Team Extreme Ministry International's Kaliova Seleiwau says his organisation uses physical feats to attract crowds, such as breaking bricks and folding iron bars.

He says his two-point-three-metre height also helped him convey his message to residents of Lae from both sides of the conflict.

"People came and shook hands and people were getting emotional and I see tears that come out because I think the most powerful thing was the word of God that was shared to them."

Kaliova Seleiwau says his talks focused on the solution, not the problem.