14 Nov 2011

Call for PNG government to rescind decision to suspend Chief Justice

4:22 pm on 14 November 2011

Papua New Guinea's former Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal has urged the national executive council to rescind its decision to suspend the Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia.

The move has triggered political turmoil with the government being accused of interfering in the judiciary ahead of a Supreme Court verdict on the legality of the election of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

The Supreme Court declared it has restrained the implementation of the suspension as it ordered the arrests of the Deputy Prime Minister, Belden Namah, and the Attorney-General, Dr Allan Marat, following their move to suspend Sir Salamo last Friday.

Sam Abal says the timing of the move was highly questionable.

"I would advise the NEC not to fight with the judiciary. Let's leave the judiciary alone. They only interpret the laws that we make and we as lawmakers should not be seen by the public to go against and to break laws even. We must respect judiciary to do their job."

Sam Abal.