14 Nov 2011

Claim that hefty new taxi fares in Fiji are hurting many

8:13 pm on 14 November 2011

The Fiji Council of Social Services is calling for an independent inquiry into the interim government's decision to double fares in a shake up of the taxi sector.

Director Hassan Khan says there were no consultations with the public or with taxi drivers.

He says some people are now unable to use taxis while some drivers can't afford to meet the new standards.

"We are now of the view that there has to be a thorough and independent inquiry into the whole taxi industry, and the taxi fare structure. Because it has become too high and too quick, people would've been happy if it was a gradual thing. Because the roads are still very bad and taxi conditions are very bad and yet people are being asked to pay a very high price and so these are some of the other considerations one has to keep in mind."

The director of Fiji Council of Social Services, Hassan Khan.

But the government says there hadn't a fare increase in many years while the use of meters, receipts and driver IDs will ensure a transparent way of doing business.