10 Nov 2011

Extra burden as morgue closes in Samoa

8:13 pm on 10 November 2011

Locals on Samoa's largest island have been facing an extra burden when they bury loved ones, since the closure of the only public morgue on Savaii.

The opposition party, Tautua Samoa, is putting pressure on the Government to reopen the morgue which has been closed for over two months.

Our correspondent Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia says the only choice now is a privately owned morgue which is too expensive for some families.

He says it is important for Samoans that they bury their loved ones properly.

"To preserve the dead body for such a period of time to await all members of the passing away person to come and say farewell because that's our tradition here we want everyone connected to the dead person to come for the funeral service."

Tipi Autagavaia says there is confusion as to whether the closure is permanent.