10 Nov 2011

Tongan union leader says more people in Fiji must take stand over worker rights

4:18 pm on 10 November 2011

The head of the Tonga Public Service Association says unions around the Pacific can try and put pressure on the interim Fiji government over its abuse of workers' rights but says the main pressure needs to come from Fijians themselves.

The Tonga PSA's Mele Amanaki, recently attended a meeting in Australia of trade union representatives from 22 countries around the Asia/Pacific region.

She says all condemned the move in Fiji to reduce workers' rights through the Essential Services Decree, but she says the regime might take more notice to opposition from within.

"The workers in Fiji, the people of Fiji should stand up and go against their prime minister, we would have done that in Tonga if that was the situation in Tonga."

Mele Amanaki says she is also concerned that Fiji trade union leader Daniel Urai is facing charges of urging political violence.