10 Nov 2011

Opposition wants public morgue reopened on Samoa's largest island

4:10 pm on 10 November 2011

The opposition party in Samoa says low-income people on the island of Savaii are finding it hard to meet the costs of laying loved ones to rest, since the island's only public morgue was closed down.

The Tautua Samoa party's shadow finance minister, Afualo Dr Wood Salele, says the morgue at Tuasivi hospital has been closed for two month's now and there is confusion whether it is a temporary or permanent closure.

He says that only leaves the people on Savaii with a privately operated morgue which is expensive.

"Particularly for those who are at the lower ladder of income, and that's where the government should open this national morgue to make sure that vital service is being provided."

Afualo Dr Wood Salele says his party is urging the Government to reopen the public morgue.