10 Nov 2011

Solomons opposition claims backing of 31 MPs ahead of no confidence vote

3:07 pm on 10 November 2011

Solomon Islands opposition MPs say they're confident they have the numbers to remove the prime minister Danny Philip through a motion for a vote no confidence tomorrow.

The opposition leader Dr Derek Sikua has told the Solomons Star they have the backing of at least 31 of the 49 MPs.

The paper also reported that three ministers had resigned on Wednesday.

This week,the police began an investigation into Opposition allegations that Mr Philip has misused his discretionary fund.

The deputy opposition leader, Matthew Wale, says many MPs have become disillusioned with Mr Philip's leadership.

"The vote of no confidence will happen if Mr Philip does not resign before Friday, he will come down Friday morning. This is in regards to just what he has done which is so wrong and he has continued to defend himself as if he's done no wrong, and that has incensed a lot of his own ministers."

Matthew Wale.

The government also claims it has the numbers to keep its majority.