9 Nov 2011

Call for international community to support Indonesia on human rights

2:59 pm on 9 November 2011

A report on the status of human rights in the Indonesian province of Papua says the international community must help the central government to fulfill its obligations under human rights conventions.

The report, produced by Fransiscans International, the Faith Based Network on West Papua and the Asian Human Rights Commission, includes assessment of Indonesia's human rights compliance in Papua during 2010 and 2011 and the militarisation of the province.

The Faith Based Network's co-ordinator says the Indonesian government's failed to implement both its national human rights legislation and the international conventions it has ratified.

Kristina Neubaeur says other countries can help with that.

"That's what we have to pressure for because the problem is that the people of Papua have not experienced any changes in reality because they are still subject to many human rights violations. So it's good that we have the laws but the laws have to be implemented otherwise on the ground nothing changes."

Kristina Neubaeur says torture, extrajudicial killings, threats and intimidation against human rights defenders are still occurring in Papua.