9 Nov 2011

Calls for an end to Vanuatu's export of live cattle

2:42 pm on 9 November 2011

A well known businessman and government official in Vanuatu is calling for an end to live cattle exports.

Last week 400 live cattle were exported to Solomon Islands.

Eric Festa says the live cattle export agreement between the two Pacific Island nations is depriving people in Vanuatu of jobs.

He says the cattle should be slaughtered in Vanuatu rather than exported live.

"I've no problem exporting the cattle but we have to kill the cattle. That's ridiculous for us to export live cattle. We can create jobs and a national abattoir - a long term business. We can export every week or every month a few tonnes of beef to the Solomon Islands."

Mr Festa is calling for the coalition government to review the agreement with the Solomons to protect the interests of Vanuatu farmers.